Phillip Schofield Once Lost A Friend After Confusing Him With A Wife While Sending A Message: "I Was Just Being Honest"

November 8, 2019 12:39

Don't you just hate it when you send a text message to the wrong recipient? Usually, when things like that happen, an apology can rectify the situation. And sometimes, the parties involved can simply laugh it off as a hilarious mistake. But it's not always this simple.

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Text blunders like this have been known to cause rifts in relationships and friendships, depending on the nature of the message and who received it.

Phillip Schofield's experience, in this case, led to a massive repercussion.

During a recent episode of This Morning, Phillip, co-host Holly Willoughby, and Vanessa Feltz were discussing accidental text messages. Phillip shocked viewers when he admitted that he "lost a friend because of it."

The TV host explained that the text was meant to be for his wife Stephanie Lowe but went to an unintended recipient.

I mean I still don't regret that I did it. I was just being honest. But what I sent to Steph, went to the wrong person.

Phillip's revelation is something many people can relate to.

Some internet users shared their thoughts on the topic. One commenter @kerryhunt_x narrated a very pretty shocking text blunder.

My sister text a friend to say she’d had a great weekend away and had been horizontal dancing with a man she’d her mother-in-law.

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@pinkfairybakes wrote:

This is hilarious! and that’s why I don’t send cheeky pics.

@itsloisharris is apparently not a stranger to this phenomenon.

The amount of times I’ve sent stuff to the wrong person.

Accidental text messages can be hilarious. But let's hope we don't lose important people in our lives over it.

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