Chris O'Donnell Recalls His Intense Reaction To The Birth Of His First Baby: "I Completely Fainted. I Hit The Deck, Down."

November 7, 2019 19:34

Actor Chris O'Donnell is a well-known face in TV and movies. He played Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, Jason Brown in Robert Altman's Cookie's Fortune. Chris O'Donnell has a net worth of $25 million dollars. In addition to being a super talented actor, he is a doting father of five and we imagine he is already a pro at parenting.

In a 2013 interview with NBC, Chris opened up about how he has been able to deal with such a big family while also playing a regular character on the TV series NCIS LA.

He added that while he might be a famous actor, he tried to keep things simple and private at home, saying:

I'm happy to keep my real life separate and private.

Chris O'Donnell talks about his first baby

In general, stories about when your baby comes into the world are unforgettable. But for Chris O'Donnell, his reaction to the birth may be just as memorable as the event itself.

When he was on a guest on Live With Kelly and Ryan, the actor shared what happened during the birth of his first child Lily. He said:

I completely fainted. I hit the deck, down.

Chris said he hadn't eaten in 24 hours and he was just "so nervous." The doctor couldn't make it back on time so a midwife had to deliver their baby. But the Batman & Robin star's decision to really get up, close and personal with the childbirth process ended up backfiring. He recalled:

I went from a background actor to a starring role and I wasn't exactly prepared for it.

Being a helpful dad

It's no fun passing out when your child is being born. But fathers can still find ways to participate in the labor and birth process.

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According to Motherly, fathers can entertain the moms during a long labor, time the contractions, document the experience, offer encouragement and simply be there to show support.

Mothers may be the ones doing most of the work but fathers don't have to feel left out.