Michael Schumacher’s Wife On Husband's Brave Spirit Saying He "Will Not Give Up"

January 8, 2020

For anyone acquainted with Formula One racing, Michael Schumacher is no stranger. The record-breaking German driver has always shined on the podium. Whether he was driving for Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, or Mercedes, Schumacher always knew how to cross the finish line, a skill that made him a legendary sportsman.

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Unfortunately, over the past years Schumacher has been out of the limelight, since a severe skiing accident in 2013 that left him in a coma.

His wife, Corinna Schumacher, who has been silent about the legendary driver’s condition, opened up and vowed that her husband "will not give up."

"Michael is a fighter"

Corinna has been by his side through his highs and lows. Today, she feels that her husband has not lost the fighting spirit that his fans came to love.

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In a letter that Corinna sent to German singer Sascha Herchenbach, who dedicated a song to the great Formula One driver on his birthday, she described him as "a fighter" who "will not give up."

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Herchenbach, who composed and performed the inspirational hymn Born To Fight, was moved by the heartfelt gesture that affirmed what Michael’s fans had hoped: Michael is still fighting.

I had not expected to get an answer and was overwhelmed… She wrote that she was very thankful for the gift that helped her and her family over this difficult time.

In the song, the soulful Sascha Herchenbach urges his listeners to remain positive and to never lose hope, despite their circumstances, since determination is the only path to overcoming challenges.

Get well soon, Michael!

Michael’s fans all over the world continue to send their warm wishes for a swift recovery and better health.

Michael Schumacher's wife is so caring! She supports him throughout all this hard period. When a spouse is hurting, the whole family hurts with them. We wish Corinna and her family strength, hope, and a fighting spirit as they support Michael through his recovery.