Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Had To Prove His Identity As Rich Grandfather Didn't Consider Him As A Family Member

January 21, 2020

Elizabeth Hurley’s son had to fight for multi-millionaire fortune after his grandfather tried to cut him out claiming he wasn’t his real grandson at all.

Family drama

Actress Elizabeth Hurley was in a lasting relationship with Steve Bing, a successful businessman and film producer. Though their romance didn’t work out, the exes have a son together.

Damian is a son of Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing, however his dad didn’t take part in the child’s upbringing. Moreover, Steve was involved in a lawsuit regarding his biological fatherhood.

Bing asked his former lovebird Elizabeth Hurley to take a paternity test to prove he is the father of Damian. The test showed that he is the boy’s biological dad.

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Fight for fortune

Damian’s father was not the only family member who refused to acknowledge their blood connection.The boy’s grandfather tried to cut him out of his inheritance, claiming he never met his dad.

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Mr. Bing said:

Even were Stephen to develop a relationship with Damian now, l would not consider him my grandchild because he is nearing adulthood.

Another reason to cut the boy out was the fact that Elizabeth Hurley gave birth while she and Steve had not been married.

After a lasting legal battle, Damian Hurley won the lawsuit against his rich grandfather. According to reports, Damian is about to inherit several millions.

Here comes another twist! Steve Bing's sister has accused Elizabeth Hurley of having "reproductively taken advantage" of her brother. She explained that the actress just wanted to use her child as a weapon to get multi-millionaire Steve’s money.

It’s always sad when parents can’t reach an agreement after a split and the ones who suffer are their own kids. And of course it might be a huge stress when relatives don't recognize blood connection. We hope Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian could forgive his estranged relatives after all.