Hugh Jackman Realized The Journalist Who Was Taking An Interview Is Actually His Former Student

December 23, 2019

Back in 1987, Hugh Jackman had a gap year and was working as a teaching assistant at the Uppingham School.

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He taught P.E while being an 18-year-old guy, and it was indeed an amazing experience for Jackman. Now, he's a Hollywood star, but it turned out, Hugh has never forgotten his previous job and the students who used to attend his class.

The journalist is a former student

Hugh Jackman had the most awkward conversation ever when he recognized the boy he taught in London school in the man who wanted to take an interview.

It happened on the green carpet at the Zurich film festival, when Hugh Jackman came to one of the journalists and started giving an interview. But suddenly, Hugh Jackman realized it was actually his student, and he couldn’t but mention this fact. Moreover, he asked some questions about the journalist’s further physical education.

Fans were extremely surprised after seeing that video, especially the ones that had no idea about Jackman’s previous teaching experience. There were plenty of various comments of people remembering their school times, and some of them wrote that now, they understand it is necessary to be good to a teacher, as everything can happen in the future, and maybe, your teacher becomes a Hollywood star one day.

@Vishnu Kamdar:

We don't deserve this man.


I remember I threw my math teacher a retirement party at my high school and organize the event with a friend even giving a speech/toast and when we bump into each other a year later he didn’t know who I was.


I love how Hugh was more concerned about catching up with his student rather than answering the actual question asked! So sweet!

@hondas s***:

When a actor remembers someone from before they were famous you know they got to the top legit and didint sell their soul

@Tahsin Tasnim:

I can't remember my own classmates after 3 years and this guy remembers his student.


Lesson learnt: always be good to your teachers. You never know where you're gonna see them in life again.


Hugh Jackman is the same as Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves: no one has a bad thing to say about them.

It was, indeed, one of the most awkward interviews, during which Hugh Jackman realized that the journalist was actually his former student. But the student is indeed lucky as he had such a great teacher while studying!