Actress Sara Gilbert Opens Up About Quitting 'The Talk', Saying She Didn't Want To Affect Family

November 5, 2019 13:04

Sara Gilbert is no stranger to our TV screens. From TV shows like Roseanne to talk show The Talk, she has been entertaining her fans for years.

However, the actress announced, in April 2019, that she is leaving The Talk.

She was teary-eyed when she made the announcement on the air and her co-host Sharon Osbourne was emotional as well.

Sara has been a host since the very beginning of the daytime talk show in 2010 and also served as an executive producer so she has certainly come a long way.

Those who have been fans of the 44-year-old since the very beginning may be wondering what led to her decision to quit the show. She told USA Today recently that her choice was all about family.

The mother of three confessed that at that time of her life, she had a lot on her play with The Talk, The Conners and a company she had just launched. There were also her responsibilities as a parent.

There just wasn't enough time.

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She said that while she enjoys pushing herself, she doesn't want to go so far that she or her family will be negatively affected.

I enjoy feeling stretched, but I never want my work or my family to suffer, so then I think where you suffer is with yourself.

She appreciates that she now has more time with her children and can explore all her creative ideas.

It's understandable that the actress feels she deserves to reduce her tasks. She has been married to music producer Linda Perry since 2014 and in addition to the actress' two kids from a previous relationship, Sara and Linda also have a son together.

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Some people can learn a lot from Sara's decision to cut down some work obligations for the sake of her family. Remember, maintaining sanity is key.

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