All Talents In One Person: 'Dirty Dancing' Star Patrick Swayze Made Everyone Crazy By His Dances, But Few People Know He Was Also A Professional Singer

November 15, 2019 14:02

Patrick Swayze is remembered for one of the most memorable dance scenes in a movie. But who knew that the actor could sing?

Watch him dance to 'All The Man That I Need'

His movie Dirty Dancing is an all-time classic. And in 1994, at the World Music Awards, the actor proved that he was born to dance when he and his wife Lisa Niemi performed to Whitney Houston's All The Man That I Need, while the guests watched in awe.

Fun fact: Swayze and Niemi actually met at his mom's dance studio. Little wonder they looked so in sync! And their beautiful performance was in honor of Houston who had just won multiple awards.

He could sing, too – and beautifully!

Videos of Swayze dancing are not the only gems on the internet that show the beloved actor's best. He was a triple threat!

He made fans swoon with his romantic comedies, and fall in love with him just watching him dance. But few fans may remember that he could sing.

Swayze gained most of his fame from his films but he was also a professional singer and songwriter. He is responsible for the timeless song She's Like The Wind.

And in the 1990 tribute to Roy Orbison, he performed Love Hurt with Larry Gatlin. Commenters are usually in awe when they find videos of him singing online.

Patrick Swayze was a gift

The dear actor passed on from pancreatic cancer in 2009, but his gifts continue to be celebrated by fans who miss the incredibly talented Ghost star still, a decade later.

@C F:

I had no idea Patrick Swayze sang this! Oh, my GOD! Amazing Swayze. It’s just so sad we no longer have him. An incredible talent.

@Hugo Magallon:

A real classic song from 80s He was a great actor and this song he showed us how real song writer he was too ✌️ Miss this guy


Patrick Swayze was truly one of a kind, miss him dearly, RIP.

@sonof erin:

An incredible talent missed so much peace be with you💜

@linda bodoin:

What a loss. Loved Patrick, actor, singer, dancer. He had it all. Damn cancer.

We agree: He is the gift that keeps on giving. There'll never be another Patrick Swayze!

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