Living A Frugal Life: Despite Having Millions, Comedian Benny Hill Never Had A House Of His Own Or Bought A Car

December 2, 2019 13:59

The world of comedy is what it is today thanks to the likes of Benny Hill.

Born Alfred Hawthorne Hill, Benny gained prominence for his television program ‘The Benny Hill Show,’ which was a combination of slapstick, burlesque and double entendre. It also included live comedy.

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The Benny Hill Show’ was broadcast for almost four decades and was among the most-watched shows in the UK with more than 21 million viewers as of 1971.

The progress also exported to 97 countries around the world. Despite his success, Hill lived a very frugal life until his demise.

No home or car

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With the heights Benny reached with his show, one would expect to see him living large with the best of properties, cars, and clothes. However, the reverse was the case.

Despite being a millionaire, the English comedian preferred to rent a flat rather than buy a house of his own. He also never owned a car even though he could drive.

It didn’t matter that Benny had an account balance that reached almost seven figures, he chose to live a frugal life. Rather than go to restaurants, he opted for buying cheap foodstuffs at supermarkets.

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Benny walked for miles rather than hail a cab, and he had no problem mending and patching the same clothes.

The only luxury he enjoyed was his regular visits to France. He was a huge Francophile and traveled regularly, but still, at that, he stayed in modest accommodations rather than five-star hotels.

When he died in 1992, his entire estates, which were totaled at £7.5 million, were shared among his seven nieces and nephews.

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No wife or kids

It seems this frugality transcended into Benny’s love life as he never got married or had kids.

In his lifetime, he proposed to three women, only to be rejected by all of them.

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Benny didn’t have the fanciest of cars or properties, but he managed to put a smile on people’s faces, and that is something applaudable.

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