Mike Farrell's Kids Couldn't Stand Dad's Second Wife Shelley Fabares: "The Divorce Was Very Hard On The Kids"

December 3, 2019

Just like many famous couples, Mike Farrell and his first wife Judy didn't manage to make their marriage work.

Mike Farrell's failed marriage

The couple first fell in love when they co-starred in a few episodes of "M-A-S-H."

Judy played various nurse characters while her first husband, Mike Farrell, was a cast member in the role of Captain B.J. Hunnicutt.

Mike married Judy Hayden in August 1963 and they later performed together at the Laguna Playhouse. The couple spent almost 20 years together and have two children, son Mike, Jr., and daughter Erin.

Unfortunately, Mike's love faded away and he separated from Judy in 1980. Their divorce was finalized in 1983.

Although the divorce was painful, they both found happiness again but with different people.

Farrell and his wife Shelley

Mike Farrell met his second wife Shelley Fabares in 1970, when he was still married.

Shelley guest-starred in Mike’s television series, “The Interns" and although Mike liked her he didn't want to cheat on his wife. But when they reconnected at a CBS affiliates convention twelve years later, the pair became more than friends. Both were divorced from their mates, Farrell from his wife of 17 years, actress-screenwriter Judy Farrell, and Fabares from record mogul Lou Agler.

They dated for some time and married in 1984 at the Pacific Palisades home of Fabare's aunt, veteran actress Nanette Fabray.

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His kids didn't like a new mom

Their married life was however not an easy one at the beginning. Farrell's kids from his former wife, Mike, and Erin couldn't accept Fabares as their mom.

She said,

"The divorce was very hard on the kids. It took a lot of love, patience, courage, and strength, but now they have two solid homes, which is what we all wanted."

But later on, it was all sorted out and they are still together.

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Shelley Fabares and Mike Farrell have been married for more than 35 years and it looks like they are not going to stop concentrating on their family life.

Mike once said Closer, that Shelley "is the love I was looking for all this time" and we believe nothing can set them apart after so many years together.

Although a divorce is a dark time it often gives people a new chance to start a new page of their life. Shelley and Mike are still in love and honestly, we can't be happier for this lovely family!

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