As Gorgeous As Mom! It's Hard To Take Eyes Off Tim McGraw And Faith Hill's Grown-Up Daughter

January 9, 2020 13:23

Tim McGraw And Faith Hill got married back in 1996, and since that time, can’t imagine their lives without each other.


They fully share each other’s interests, and their duets Let's Make Love and Like We Never Loved At All were highly recognized by the worldwide community.

Besides having successful careers, the cutest country music couple also managed to build a loving family. They have three beautiful children: Gracie Katherine McGraw, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, and Audrey Caroline McGraw.

Beautiful daughter

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughter recently attended the fashion show with her mother, and amazed everybody with her looks.

In 2018, Audrey appeared at the Versace show in New York, and looked as gorgeous as her mother. She walked side by side with her mother, and it was impossible to take our eyes off her. The girl was wearing a dark jumpsuit with red and yellow patches, and her mother, a red dress with blue flowers.

Fans were amazed by Audrey’s beauty and wrote that she looks as beautiful as Faith.

Country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughter Audrey looked stunning at the Versace show in New York, which she attended with her mom. The girl inherited all mom's best features. What a beauty!