Tom Jones' Homeless Son Sings Father's Songs While Begging People For Money

January 9, 2020

The famous singer Tom Jones lost a paternity suit that was filed by a woman with whom he spent three nights back in October 1987. A model, Katherine Berkery, with whom Jones had a 3-night fling, claimed that the singer is the father of her son, Jonathan Berkery.

Son Jonathan

Jonathan was born in 1988, a year after his parents had a short but memorable time together. However, Jones refused to acknowledge him as his son until 1989. He was ordered to make a paternity test by a court, which confirmed that he is, indeed, Jonathan’s dad.

Even though Tom agreed to pay a monthly sum for Jonathan’s upkeep until he turns 18, he said he fell for “seduction” and he doesn’t want anything to do with the boy. But it looks like now Jonathan needs his father’s help more than ever.

Struggling singer

Jonathan Berkery, who changed his name to Jon Jones, has been caught on camera begging people for money on the streets of New Jersey. The 30-year-old was seen singing his father’s songs including his hit Delilah whilst holding a cardboard sign that read: ‘I need money, please help’.

Jon now lives in a homeless shelter and busks in a bid for cash. He told the Mail:

Not having a father growing up was tough. All I ever wanted was his love. People think I look and sound like a younger version of my dad. I sing all his songs. People stop and stare as soon as I start singing.

Jones’ estranged son has been having quite a turbulent life as he turned to drugs and drinks while growing up. He has been homeless for several years but he claims he doesn’t need anything from his dad, just the recognition.

Tom Jones has another son, Mark Woodward, with his late wife, Linda. Woodward was born in 1957 while his famous dad was married to his mom and had been surrounded by the rumors of his numerous infidelities.

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It's so sad Tom Jones' son has such a difficult life, and has to perform father's songs while begging people for money. But we hope it will become better soon, and he will overcome all hardships!