Rod Stewart Was Unfaithful To Penny Lancaster, But She Managed To Save Their Relationship: "That's It! You're Seeing Me And Nobody Else"

November 11, 2019

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster have one of the strongest and happiest celebrity marriages. But, their relationship hasn't been void of low times. They had to go through tough times and luckily managed to save their love.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Like most men in the spotlight, Rod has his fair share of failed relationships and marriages before finding Penny.

Steward dated a string of women before his first marriage to actress Alana Stewart. However, after five years and two children, they went their separate ways.

His second marriage was to model Rachel Hunter, and it lasted for 16 years before they divorced.

The British singer and Penny have been married for 12 years, and they keep going strong with each passing day.

Rod Stewart once cheated on Penny

Penny, who joined 'Loose Women' in 2014, has been quite open about the pitfalls in her marriage to Rod.

She once revealed that in the early stages of their relationship, she found out that he was cheating on her when she found a photograph of him and another woman. When she confronted him about it, he lied to her that it was a daughter's friend.

In 2018, Rod joined his woman on her lunchtime show, and that was when he addressed the infidelity accusations.

He admitted that he did cheat on her saying:

You're talking a long time ago, 20 odd years ago. There was one dalliance, yeah. But otherwise we've been together, and it's been wonderful and everything.

He explained that they were able to weather the storm thanks to Penny's resilience and bravery.

Speaking about the ultimatum she gave him to fix his ways, the singer said:

She actually put her thumb down and said: 'That's it, you're seeing me and nobody else. No sharing."

Penny agreed with this and added:

It's been our motto ever since!

Rod Stewart's third wife: he never thought he would marry again

After a string of relationships and two failed marriages, Rod believed he had gotten to the end of the road and vowed not to have any more kids or marry again. However, all that changed when penny came into his life. He explained:

I swore I was never getting married again, but Penny is irresistible.

No relationship is perfect, but it is the way the hard times are maneuvered that makes it all worth it! Penny is an amazing woman as she managed to save their relationship even after Rod's cheating. We wish Penny and Rod many happy years together!

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