Successful Businesswoman: Judge Judy’s Net Worth Is $420 Million Including Multiple Estates And Yachts

December 4, 2019 12:17

Who is Judge Judy? Judith Sheindlin, commonly known as Judge Judy, is a popular reality TV show host. Moreover, she holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a TV judge.

Judge Judy’s net worth

With her hit reality TV show, Judge Judy won the hearts of thousands of viewers from many countries. As a successful lawyer and TV star, she has made quite a lot of money.

If you have started counting, you will not be surprised to know that her career adds up to a net worth that has a huge figure. According to Wealthy Gorilla, she is estimated to be worth $420 million dollars as of 2019.

What does Judge Judy do away from the courtroom?

Born in New York, Scheindlin studied government at American University before going on to study law at New York Law School. Then the future TV personality started her career as a corporate lawyer. She has also authored a number of bestseller books. With her net worth, she is one of the richest judges of all time.

Thanks to her TV shows, she has accumulated an astounding wealth over the years which has given her a fabulous and very comfortable life.

Judge Judy who has been married three times owns at least six luxurious properties worth millions of dollars across the United States.

The TV host once owned a yacht called Triumphant Lady, but she sold the $6.9 million vessel. She flies once or twice a month on her private jet to film her hit show in Los Angeles.

How much does Judge Judy make a year?

With a career that has spanned over decades, she has become one of America's highest-paid TV host. She makes $47 million yearly for 52 days of work. In addition to her own show, she is the creator of Hot Bench.

Judge Judy says that she believes that there will come a time when audiences get tired of her court show. However, until that happens, she plans to continue being on her court show as it is something that she is actually interested in.

Judith Sheindlin is an amazing person. As a strong and inspiring woman, she managed to combine her career, family and social activity, and becoming successful in everything. She is a great example to follow. Do you agree?