Eternal Love: Patrick Duffy Remembers His Late Wife Carlyn: "My Heart Stopped Yet I Live On As She Wishes"

December 11, 2019 16:41

When it comes to the matters of the heart, they say age is nothing but a number. Patrick Duffy and his wife of over 40 years Carlyn Rosser show just that. The actor, well known for his role as Bobby Ewing on television drama series Dallas, was ten years younger than his wife.

Love story

Despite being 10 years younger than his wife, Patrick did not let that stop him from courting Carlyn.

The Dallas actor was smitten with the older ballet dancer from the first time they met on a tour bus. Some would call it love at first sight, as they became inseparable ever since.

From the beginning, art was key to their relationship. It was their shared passion. Carlyn was the one who first introduced the actor to collecting.

The couple had their first child the same year they met, and the second later on. The couple remained in love until she passed on in 2017.

Until death do us part

From the time they met, Patrick has always been in tune with his wife, Carlyn. The two amassed an impressive art collection and raised two sons.

Speaking to Closer Weekly on the couple’s age difference and Carlyn’s death, an insider said:

Patrick doesn’t hide his feelings about it. He’s grateful for the years they had together but wishes they had more.

The source also said Patrick is relying on his belief in Buddhism to help him learn to live without Carlyn, saying:

Buddhism is everything to him. He’s a calm, centered man because of it.

Patrick is also leaning on his children, Padraic and Conor.

Against all odds

In a desperate move to be with Carlyn from the moment he saw her, Patrick became a Buddhist. However, he soon realized he loved religion as much as he loved her.

At the time they met, there was a major complication: she was married to someone else. This was heart-breaking for all three of them, but Carlyn's husband eventually had to let her go when he realized he had lost her.

Patrick and his wife had to deal with their age difference. In an interview, the actor said he wasn’t bothered, but the matter frustrated Carlyn.

They, however, lived happily ever after, and it became harder to tell that they had a 10-year age gap in the first place.

Although Carlyn has passed on, it’s clear the actor still loves his wife by the way he fondly remembers her.

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