No Work For Lovebirds: Ellen DeGeneres And Her Ex-Girlfriend Anne Heche Got Fired The Same Week They Attended The Event Together As A Couple

November 11, 2019 13:58

Ellen DeGeneres and her ex-girlfriend Anne Heche had to go through thick and thin when they made their relationship public. According to Heche, she risked everything while dating Ellen, including her job as an actress.

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How it all started

Popular host Ellen DeGeneres and talented actress Anne Heche made headlines back in 1997 when fans found out they were dating. The couple kept their relationship strong for almost 4 years.

In one of her throwback interviews, Heche commented on her special bond with DeGeneres:

Our souls connected, and there's a time when souls come together and they're just meant to be... My soul was meant to be with hers and that's all that matters.

Friends close to the couple called their romance “one of those magical relationships that you feel really honored to be witness to.”

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Breaking point

In the 90s, it was not so easy to be a celebrity gay couple. Ellen and Anne discovered this firsthand. At the very beginning, the stars had to keep their love story in a secret from public eyes.

DeGeneres told in an interview with LA Times:

I didn’t want to hold hands. I had never done that in public.

The host explained her attitude:

You’re going to be on the cover of Time magazine and say you’re gay but you’re not going to hold hands? You deserve to hold hands as much as Tom Cruise] and Nicole Kidman. Or Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

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But public love was not the only thing Ellen and Anne risked to lose at that time. Heche confessed she was threatened to be fired if Ellen and she would continue appearing in pubic together.

Heche recalled the moment when she took DeGeneres to a movie premiere:

I took Ellen, we were told that my contract for Fox would be ended and I would be fired.

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The lovebirds attended the event together. Traditionally, photographers made pictures of the sweet couple. Soon after that, Heche and DeGeneres got fired.

Anne said:

Both she and I were fired that week.

Though Ellen and Anne are no longer together, they both could find new love after their split.

We sincerely wish both women to be eternally happy in their new relationship. They really deserve this after all the backlash they had to go through.

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