Melania Trump Is A More Effective First Lady If To Compare With Michelle Obama And Others, Expert Says

November 13, 2019 14:13

The role of the First Lady of the United States is an important one. Even though all attention is on the president, there are some expectations from his First Lady too.

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Modern-day first ladies still perform the traditional public duties like hosting state dinners and other events. But they also support their husband's administration and take on certain social projects or causes. Michelle Obama, for example, tackled issues of girls' education and childhood obesity.

Many people have made comparisons between former FLOTUS Michelle Obama and the present First Lady Melania Trump.

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Political commentator Jadan Horyn argued that Melania is more effective in her role as First Lady when compared to Michelle.

He explained that Michelle was political and was very devoted to her husband, both as a candidate and when he was president.

It was a very kind of PR-made persona.

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Horyn said that Melania, on the other hand, is more genuine and is "who she is" without pretenses.

So to me there is an element of authenticity which is why she is so mysterious to both the left and the right

The expert went on to say that Melania saw her role as much more than simply supporting her husband Donald Trump. Horyn gave examples of other first ladies who simply "existed" to support their partners.

When you look at Nancy Reagan or Lady Bird Johnson, all of these women embodied the idea of a First Lady with this primary role to support their husband. And that’s all they existed for.

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Reactions have been mixed following this analysis of Melania and Michelle.

Some people completely disagreed with Horyn and maintained that Michelle was a better First Lady.

There were others who showed support for Melania.

And a few people felt like these women shouldn't be compared to each other.

Michelle Obama did her best as a FLOTUS and Melania Trump is doing the same. It's okay of they have different approaches and ideas, but should that mean one is better than the other?

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