Madonna Decided To Leave Her $7.5 Million Mansion In Portugal Because She Felt "Alone, Without Friends" And "A Little Bored"

November 11, 2019 18:21

Madonna had been renting the 18th-century historic property in Portugal after moving to support her son David's dream of playing football with Benfica's youth team, but the life of a soccer mom wasn't easy.

Madonna is leaving her home in Portugal

Despite being one of the most sought after women in the world, Madonna was felt lonely with her life outside of America.

Madonna said:

I moved to Lisbon to be a soccer mom. I wanted to be a soccer mom. I thought it would be adventurous. But I found myself alone, without friends, a little bit bored.

Although the famous singer was happy to support her son's aspiring career, she previously admitted it would have been much easier if he'd wanted to follow in her footsteps instead. Madonna's son has his own point of view on his life choices.

The truth is that the star didn't manage to set her life in Portugal, even though she tried.

Explaining how her upcoming record Madame X was born, Madonna added:

I started to go out a bit and most of the people that I met were artists or musicians...“I was like way what’s going on here? Artists perform and they are doing it for fun and passion and don’t get paid?”

Madonna will be on her 'Madame X' tour until March 2020 and reportedly won't spend as much time at the palace she was living in Portugal.

Madonna is a doting mother, but her enthusiasm for the sport doesn't go much further. All in all, the star simply didn't find the kind of life she was craving for in Portugal. Life goes on and everything changes. Madonna's decision will bring her some new horizons to open!