Judge Judy Got Rid Of Her Strict Hairstyle But Fans Don't Agree That The Change Is Good

January 8, 2020 11:29

Former family court judge, Judy Sheindlin, is entitled to have a courtroom reality show just for her. She’s been persistent not only in her decisive verdicts but in her styles too.

Episode after episode, Mrs. Sheindlin has presided over real small-claim cases on the televised arrangement. Her no-nonsense and wisecracking approach has inspired many other programmes. But those mimicking shows have remained unsuccessful as compared to hers. Besides her stable attitude, she's also kept her hairstyle pretty much the same for the last 23 years.

New hair debut

Since her show aired in 1996, Judge Judy has stuck to her signature look. She usually sported a very short bob that had only gotten edgier with time. Her hair helped her to appear more strict and authoritative. It's fair to say, it was the perfect style to reflect her position. Change is always good anyway.

The star has debuted a new hairstyle in 2019. Judy is rocking a ponytail, which is surprisingly making her look way younger. It foretells new beginnings and a fresh perspective to be on the line for her. On fleek!

People are skeptical about it

Her fans weighed in their divided opinions on her brand new appearance. Some commentators just loved and agreed that it's making her look younger, while others weren't too happy about it and suggested otherwise.


I love her new do it's much more modern .Goooojjudyponytailloveyou.


She looks much older. Better look with the old style.


I like it! I think it makes her look much younger & she has a great smile in this picture! Rock on Madem Jud)


Adds age, sorry Judge Judy, much cuter before


I love your new look! Pretty!

Even though Judy Sheindlin has been conservative and kept the same hairstyle for more than 20 years, she finally decided it is the right time to try something new. In 2019, she debuted a new youthful hairstyle. Ponytail indeed made her look so much younger! Nevertheless, fans were rather skeptical and not everybody agreed that the change is good.