Ageless Tippi Hedren Looks Fabulous In Blue Jeans And Red Sweater During Outing With Daughter Melanie Griffith

November 28, 2019 17:47

Ageless Tippi Hedren was spotted during a rare public appearance with daughter Melanie Griffith. We don’t know how, but Tippi hasn’t changed at all over the years! See for yourself!

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Tippi Hedren with her daughter Melanie Griffith

A star of the Hollywood Golden Age, actress Tippi Hedren, stunned her multiple fans when she stepped out with daughter Melanie Griffith in Beverly Hills.

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Tippi, who is not just a legendary actress but also a former fashion model, looked fabulous for her age. In case you forgot, she was born in 1930.

For a joint promenade with her grown-up and well-known daughter Melanie, Tippi dressed up casually yet very stylish.

The star showed her perfect shape in blue jeans and a red sweater. The actress completed her outfit with a trendy cross-body black bag, massive bracelets, and a matching necklace.

Her daughter Melanie Griffith also demonstrated her great shape in a black sweater and a stylish floral skirt.

Good genes run in this family! Do you agree?

Fans’ comments

Their fans were happy to see these beautiful ladies together. They were in awe!

All ladies in this eminent family are true beauties. They should probably thank eminent Tippi Hedren for this genetic ‘jackpot’. Or maybe the unique beauty routine helps them to look fantastic. What do you think? Share your thoughts in comments.