Courageous Dressing Choice: Madonna Surprised Fans Wearing An Exposing Corset And It Seems They "Don't Want To Hear A Thing About Her Age"

November 15, 2019 14:03

You might not believe it, but Madonna is over 60 already! In 2019, the iconic singer turned the big 61 on August 16 and celebrated this event with the most important people, her family.

The pop-star had her birthday while preparing for her upcoming tour titled Madame X.

She shared videos of her children dancing to her songs while backstage. In one of the videos, David Banda and Mercy James showed off impressive dance moves.

She captioned the post "Birthday Dance."

Madonna posts sultry photo

Not long after celebration, the singer Madonna shared a picture of herself wearing an exposing corset.

It looks like the busy schedules, steady dancing and workout routines have paid off as the photo had the 61-year-old looking like she was in her 20's. The mother-of-six captioned the photo:

" Madame X is dreaming of a day off."

Fans protect Madonna

In the comment section of her post, Madonna fans have come for haters who insulted the singer's choice of dressing.

@jthomyy said:

" I don't wanna hear a thing about her age in these comments because her body is amazing and she's in better shape than most of y' all."

Another loyal Madonna fan wrote:

" The haters are only jealous. not going to have a body like hers when they are in their 60s."

We agree with the fact that Madonna looks incredible at her age! Hopefully, people will begin to appreciate her body more!

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