Kelly Clarkson's "Weird, Odd" Red Dress Confuses Her Fans Who Suggest To Hire A New Stylist

January 14, 2020 11:09

Kelly Clarkson's clothes on The Voice have been known to be quite out-there sometimes. Sure, every once in a while, she keeps things simple and lowkey but there have been times that are clothes raised some questions.

In fact, apart from the performance of contestants, Kelly Clarkson's style has become one of the things fans look forward to with each episode of the TV show. Many of her supporters are excited to see the elaborate, fancy outfit she'll show up in.

Because of the fashion risks she takes, people either really like her clothes or really hate it. There's kind of no in-between for many of her wears.

Kelly Clarkson's confusing dress

In 2019, the singer took another big style chance but this time around, people were not exactly sure what to think.

In one of Kelly Clarkson's December 2019 appearance on The Voice, she chose to wear a unique red and black combo outfit. It seemed to be a combination of a red dress and black corporate wear.

She had on a pair of black boots and let her blonde hair fall down her shoulders.

This particular outfit wasn't well-received by fans who concluded that even though they love her, they didn't endorse her clothes.

A few people even suggested that it was time for Kelly to hire a new stylist.

Kelly Clarkson's 'paper airplane' dress on The Voice

The confusing dress wasn't the first time people disapproved of the talk show host's style.

In November, she opted for this black/white number and some fans just weren't feeling it. With the way the collar was designed, it looked like she had a paper airplane on her chest.

Another user, @christianM_28 wrote:

Why did Kelly Clarkson’s dress have a big paper airplane on it?

Kelly Clarkson's outfit choices on The Voice have been a hit or miss so far. There have been times when she absolutely nailed her edgy, show-stopping looks, but other times, fans simply don't approve. Do you agree that the black and red outfit is a fashion fail?

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