Not Always A Brunnete: Angelina Jolie Has Once Surprised Her Fans, Showing Off Bright Blonde Hairstyle

November 5, 2019 14:47

Angelina Jolie was named beauty icon of the decade in 2009, according to research by Superdrug.

However, hundreds of millions of people still strongly believe she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Over the years, the legendary actress has managed to maintain a natural look, especially when it comes to her hair.

Despite aging, her hair remains luscious, thick and lustrous. She has also only dyed it natural colors that compliment her milky complexion.

However, that was at least until now!

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Angelina goes blonde!

As seen from photos on social media, Jolie once decided to change her look and got a bright, blonde, hair color.

The philanthropist and mother was seen wearing a white flowing dress, but it was her long blonde hair that was the highlight of her look.

According to ELLE, the change in hair color is for her role as superhuman warrior Thena in the upcoming Marvel’s ‘Eternals.’

They also confirmed that the hair was a wig and not that Angelina dyed it.

Jolie has, however, had her fair share of bright hair colors.

For her role in the 1999 movie ‘Interrupted’ Jolie was rocking something close to a blonde look, but this new hair seems to be the lightest color she has ever had.

What do you think of Jolie’s hair? We’d love to know your thoughts.

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