After Mom's Passing, Boy Found Out His Sister Was The One Who Gave Birth To Him: "I Just Lost My Mother, But Now I Already Have A New One"

November 27, 2019 18:31

Finding out that the people who raised you aren't really your birth parents can leave anyone in a state of confusion. You may find yourself feeling betrayed, questioning everything and being unsure as to where to go from there.

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There will also be some hesitation when faced with a choice of accepting your biological parents into your life after many years of calling someone else 'mom' and 'dad'.

This will be a challenging time for anyone which is why the internet is rallying behind a teenager after he shared his story.

Discovering the truth

A 17-year-old Reddit user shared a story about how he grew up in a big family with 5 siblings with him being the last born. Even as a child, he wondered about the 5-year age gap between himself and his 22-year-old sibling as the others had about two to three year age gaps between them.

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Initially, the boy concluded that he must have been an unplanned baby.

I had always figured that I was an accident, or unplanned. That my parents were done having kids after my last sister, but then I came along and was completely unplanned, hence the big gap.

But this turned out to not be the case. He lost his dad at the age of 8, and after the death of his mom a several years later, the teenager got the devastating news that his oldest sister Hannah, who was 30, was actually his birth mother.

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The poster wrote that he had always had a strong bond with Hannah but never imagined they were mother and son.

Hannah sat him down one day, shortly after their mother passed away, and told him that she got pregnant at the age of 13 and was determined to keep the child. Her parents then agreed that they would raise the boy as his guardians and Hannah would simply be a sister to him, not a mother.

This came as a shock to the teenage boy who was still reeling from his parents' death. He wrote that Hannah was married and a mother of two herself. Her husband was informed of the situation and was happy to step in to help the teenager in whatever way possible.

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Hannah was relieved that she could now openly be his mother but the boy admitted he had been confused since the revelation.

I don't know how to feel about that, I just lost my mother, but now I already have a new one, who is in fact my real one.

Hannah and her husband would love to welcome the boy as part of their home but the 17-year-old admitted he was afraid as he had no idea where he really belonged.


Many people shared words of comfort and encouragement for the young man in the comment section of his post.

@Krbin wrote:

I wouldn't try to look at who your mother is in such a binary state. Just because you found out the truth about who your biological mother is doesn't have to diminish the relationship with the woman who you thought was your mother (your now deceased grandmother). Try not to look at it like you have a "new mom" or anything.

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I think you'll have an easier time of things if you don't think of Hannah as replacing the woman you knew as your mom whom you are grieving. She is every bit your mom as Hannah is. Just take your time absorbing and integrating all this new information. In time, you will sort out your relationships with Hannah and her family. And you will always hold your mom that died in your heart.


Please see a therapist. One that specializes in adoptions and families. What you are going thru must be extremely difficult; who you are and how you identified are turned upside down.

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The teenage boy is definitely going through a whole lot and has plenty to make sense of while also grieving the loss of his mother. It's understandable that he's confused but people have given him good advice which is to take his time and figure things out gradually.

Hopefully, as time goes on, his path will become clearer and he'll know just what to do to maintain his sanity and happiness.

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