73-Year-Old Woman Completely Changes Her Look By Dropping A Whopping 57 Pounds In One Year: "I'm Very Grateful For That"

December 3, 2019 23:55

There are very few things as frustrating as feeling unhappy with how you look. Usually, people do what they can to change a situation like this but when you're an older person, it's easy to assume it's too late to change. But is it really too late to change? We have an inspiring story for people who are afraid of change.

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This woman is proving that being in your 70s is no excuse to stop improving your life.

Grandma's weight loss

A grandmother proudly shows off her fantastic new body after losing up to 57 pounds.

73-year-old Joan MacDonald's weight peaked at 198 pounds when she turned to food for comfort and as a way to cope with a tough time in her marriage.

However, this extra weight made things difficult for her as she struggled to even walk up the stairs. She decided it was time to change her life.

Rather than accept defeat, Joan started working out as often as possible and also began to eat better. She incorporated whole foods like veggies and protein and she ditched sweets and other high-calorie foods.

She told the UK DailyMail that her daughter Michelle set up a meal plan for her which she followed.

Within a year, Joan's weight came down to 141 pounds and she went from a dress size 22 to a size 16. She said:

This fitness journey will undoubtedly improve my quality of life as I move deeper into old age. I'm very grateful for that.

Her family and even strangers have been complimenting her new look which has been a major boost to her confidence.

Looking good when you're over 70

Joan really did prove that being in your 70s isn't an excuse to give up.

According to HealthyEating, women in this age range can maintain and improve their bodies by eating the right foods.

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Like this grandma said, eating healthily, staying well-hydrated, and limiting sugar intake are some of the best ways to stay fit. In addition, you must also seek your doctor's guidance before starting a health and fitness routine to be on the safe side.

Changing eating and lifestyle habits is difficult. However, when there are inspirations to look up to, you can learn from them and remain motivated. This grandma's weight loss is a great reminder for all of us that you can still get things done and achieve the body you want.

Do you agree? Do you have your own secrets to staying in shape? Share your tips and tricks in comments.

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