New Life Ahead: 73-Year-Old Woman Gets A Short Haircut And It Instantly Knocks Off 20 Years

November 28, 2019 17:57

Great hair can make you feel like a million dollars and this incredible elderly woman transformation will make you believe that hair makes you look younger too.

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Hair is one of our most important features

You have probably heard that hair is a woman’s crowning glory but this is only half the truth. A great haircut is the easiest way to change one’s look, brighten up the face, and knock off a few years.

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While most of us keep old hairstyles because we are used to them, changing them can transform our lives immensely, even impacting our personalities. Mature women can often neglect themselves and this lady did not really consider herself to be beautiful.

Fabulous elderly woman transformation

What Sandy Chisholm from Boston hated the most was her long hair. Sharing her feelings before the makeover, Sandy revealed that as she gets older, she feels a bit tired.


Christopher Hopkins, the ‘makeover guy’ was the answer to her prayers as he gave her an incredible hair and makeup transformation that turned the grandma into a glam-ma.


After the makeover, Sandy was so pumped up and excited with the makeover that she revealed matches how she feels. She felt like she was 40 and now, looks about 40 too!

People loved her transformation

Fans that saw her makeover transformation applauded the change as they shared that it had given her a new look and even changed her personality.

@Schlautropf G: I love how she moves differently after her makeover, whole body language transformed. Not tired any more at all. Happy.

@Stacy Salinas: Holy mackerel! What an unbelievable transformation! She doesn't even look like the same person, the hair and makeup are outstanding.

Magic!@J. Harrison: I totally agree - she does look 20 years younger!

@Lynda _Lee: Omg!!!! Holy smokes!!! I agree, she does look 20 years younger! I love her hair! How in the heck did he make it look so much thicker! Looks like three times the amount of hair! You go girl!!! ❤️

@AJL04B: OMG, haircut does change looks…well done

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We totally agree that Sandy’s transformation is truly magnificent and proof that hair can truly change one’s life. What do you think of her new look?

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