No Spiders In The House: 9 Simple Ways To Kick Them Out Naturally

November 7, 2019

Are you afraid of spiders? Just a few species of spiders are dangerous to humans, so at least in most cases, you are safe. Some people might even say that spiders are our best friends and this is true. Spiders can capture and catch some pests and even disease-carrying insects – for example, mosquitoes. We can’t argue with that. However, arachnids can be annoying. You sure don’t want spiders in your home occupying every place they can find, right?

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There are some effective natural ways to keep spiders away from your home!

10 natural ways to get rid of spiders

1. Peppermint essential oil + dishwashing liquid

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Prepare three cups of water, 1 tbsp. dishwashing liquid, and 1 tbsp. peppermint essential oil and mix all substances. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Shake it several times. Your simple but effective repellent is ready! This way is great because it is intended to only repel spiders, but not kill them.

2. Cinnamon

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Spiders hate the smell of cinnamon. Shake cinnamon around your house and that's all: spiders will not be so eager to show up in your home anymore.

3. Mint balls

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    Another great way is to use mint essential oil. Soak cotton balls in mint essential oil and they will help you get rid of spiders. They not only smell great but prevent spiders from entering your house. Put these cotton balls in the basement and you will forget about spiders!

    4. Chestnuts

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    Chestnuts or horse chestnuts can also be helpful. Put them around your house and spiders will disappear. It turns out they contain a substance that spiders hate.

    5. Salt water

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    You can make this salty solution to kill spiders. Add one ounce of salt to one gallon of warm water, stir it well, pour the solution into a spray bottle, and spray this liquid right onto spiders and spider nests.

    6. White vinegar

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    Spiders hate the smell of white vinegar just like they don't like cinnamon. Add white vinegar to water and spray it on cracks.

    7. Citrus peels

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    Spiders hate citrus. Placing citrus peels on spiders’ favorite places will help to keep them away. Lemon-scented furniture polish also works great to repel spiders.

    8. Cedar hangers.

    If you don't want to have spiders in your wardrobe, use cedar hangers. That will keep these cute creatures away.

    9. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil is an unexpected way to get rid of siders, but it also can help. Use a mixture with 1/3 coconut oil and 2/3 water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. It will prevent spiders from getting into your home.

    Remember that spiders, although scary, are actually quite good. Don't try to kill them. As long as you do not disturb them, they will not disturb you.

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