Children Should Give Family Members A Permission Before Receiving A Hug Or A Kiss, Expert Says

November 8, 2019 15:17

Our world is changing for the better as people talk a lot about the importance of consent and boundaries nowadays. And while many parents agree that children should be taught these vital lessons from a young age, some are concerned that things are being taken too far. And hugging is one of the controversial topics to discuss now.

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Hug or not to hug?

Do you like hugs? Many of us don't imagine their lives without hugging, while some people just hate cuddling? And what about kids?

Parenting expert Deborah Gilboa claims that kids should never be forced to hug any adult, including parents and grandparents.

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She explained that children might get mixed messages about body privacy in such situations. They are forced to hug family members but at the same time, they are taught they should say no when others want to touch them. Deborah added:

It is super confusing to send kids the mixed messages of body privacy and body safety and then force them to do something intimate with their bodies.

Should you ask for permission?

Gilboa's point of view may be acceptable but another expert takes the problem one step further. She insists that both parents and grandparents should ask permission before they hug or kiss the child.

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Jane Evans, who was a guest on 'This Morning' along with mom-of-two Rebecca Jane, believes that children should give permission before receiving a hug or a kiss. This measure will help to teach them what consent is.

Jane insists that many young children cannot make the distinction between family members and other people when it comes to physical contact. She says:

They just get the message that when somebody, anybody who wants to hug them or kiss them, comes into their space, they just have to go along with it because their brains are too underdeveloped.

Rebecca, on the other hand, argued this point saying it may lead to raising "cold and emotionless children" which can have an adverse effect on their future.

Jane disagreed, adding that this will only help raise children that respect their own bodies.

Heated discussion

Following this episode of the show, many social media users decided to express their views online. Many parents agreed with Rebecca as they believed that the idea of asking permission to hug children is absurd.

Others, however, supported Jane's opinion.

Well, it seems to be a controversial topic as people are generally divided on the issue. Where do you stand? Do you think parents and grandparents should ask for permission before hugging kids?

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