Not As She Expected: Mother-In-Law Refuses To Meet A Grandchild As The Baby Looks Exactly Like Mom, But Not Like Her Son

November 25, 2019 12:50

Having toxic in-laws can be disheartening. You're excited to spend the rest of your life with a person you love and then their parents try to make life as difficult as possible for you. A toxic mother-in-law can even use grandchildren to interfere with your family life.


Sadly, this is the story for many people and a lot of women deal with some unfair behaviors from their mother-in-law. In fact, mother-in-law/daughter-in-law drama has become so commonplace that it's almost a cliche. And many people have taken to social media to share examples of how far some MILs will go to frustrate their families.


Toxic mother-in-law refuses to meet her grandchild

A woman shared a story on Reddit about her mother-in-law's refusal to meet her grandchild.

Describing the woman as an "awful person" the mom said that her mother-in-law was initially excited to find that her son and his wife were expecting a baby. But everything changed very quickly.

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After the baby was born, the proud father shared a group text to the family with photos and stats. Evidently, the grandma didn't like what she saw. The woman said:

MIL wrote back: “she looks just like her” and then radio silence. She is not interested in a granddaughter that looks like me.

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Sounds like the woman has chosen to simply move on. It's bizarre to think that the grandmother had some physical specifications of the type of grandkid she will embrace.

Dealing with grandparents

When grandparents are raising grandchildren, it may have some benefits. However, you may find yourself in a situation similar to the one above where there's a grandparent that just doesn't want to be a part of the child's life. How to deal with toxic mother-in-law? It's okay for you to move on, but chances are that the child may start becoming curious about it someday.

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According to Parents, you can try explaining to your child that even though grandma/grandpa loves them they sometimes don't know how to show it. Yes, you may be tempted to get angry if your parents or in-laws don't seem interested in your family. But rather than dwell on your anger, simply focus on your happy family and create a beautiful home for your kids.

Dealing with toxic mother-in-law can be difficult. Sometimes, it's better to stay away from toxic in-laws rather than bending over backward to make things work with them. There can be peace if everyone respects and give each other space.

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