Australian Couple Welcome A Giant Adorable Baby Girl: "She's Like A Mini Sumo Wrestler"

November 26, 2019 15:43

Just like beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, babies can do the same. There is no way for doctors to accurately predict the weight before birth.

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However, there are few factors suggested by PregnancyBirthBaby that foretell the mother will have a big baby. It can depend on his/her parents' stature or having older siblings. Being overdue or developing diabetes during pregnancy can also promote abnormal fetal growth.

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Wrestler baby

An Australian couple, Emma and Daniel Millar welcomed a baby girl on October 7, 2019. She blew their minds when arrived 2-weeks earlier than the due date and still managed to weigh more than average - 13 pounds to be exact. Remi Frances was born at Wollongong Hospital, south of Sydney via emergency cesarean.

The 27-year-old mother was informed by doctors that due to her gestational diabetes, her daughter may be large. But, when they saw Remi, it was beyond their proportional expectations. Emma's older child, Willow was 12.21 pounds at birth.

The brave mother who was at the risk of birth injury and other complications, proudly gushed while talking to Mirror UK::

She's like a mini sumo wrestler. Our other children just adore Remi, who is really healthy and content and just thriving.

People could only exclaim in amazement

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That had to hurt if bubs came naturallly

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Ouch is right lol

Isn't Remi the cutest? We wish her a happy and healthy life ahead. Good luck to Emma and Daniel for parenting such amazing daughters. Share this and give them a thumb's up.

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