Greedy Grandmother Left Woman Out Of Her Will As She Had Trouble Conceiving: "Grandma Left Me $1"

November 21, 2019 19:22

Infertility is a terrible disease- physically painful and emotionally grueling, as dreams and plans get delayed or outright replaced by doctor appointments, tests, and all those darned needles.

The pain of infertility is so much more than failure to conceive a child. It is the death of a dream and sometimes other people only make it worse with their outrageous behavior.

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Grandmother left her granddaughter $1 as she's "childfree"

For instance, one devastated woman shared on Reddit how her grandma left her out of her will because she was "childfree".

Well, the truth is that the woman simply had trouble conceiving a baby. Moreover, she had some problems with her boyfriend so they decided to put everything on hold.

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She went on to say:

"Grandma left me $1 because I'll 'never have children that need to go to college'".

Imagine the grandaughter's emotions when after taking care of her grandma for many years she found out about her last will.

"I loved my grandma. . She was basically my mother in the emotional sense. "

- she said.

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After the woman's mother " slapped" her "around". What is even more shocking is that it was the woman's mother, who told the grandma before her death that her granddaughter was a "lesbian and childfree".

Now the mother "is gloating" that her daughter "won't get anything".

The disappointed woman intimated that it was not about the money but this would have made her "feel more secure" in her future.

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We believe bad mother-daughters relationships are to blame for this pity situation. If only the woman's mother or grandmother knew about her struggles with infertility maybe they would not be thar naughty. Who knows.

People's reaction

People recommend the woman not to trust her mom and check everything by herself, with one user saying:

" I am so, so sorry you have to go through this whirlwind of emotions. No one deserves to deal with underhandedness along with medical issues."

Another added:

" This all seems very suspicious. Have you seen the will with your own eyes? If you haven’t, do NOT take her word on it."

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A third one noted:

"You’ll need a lawyer and the only people who win in a contested inheritance case is the lawyers."

Family support is very important when a person has to deal with such a painful time of their life. Especially when it's your mother or grandmother!


We should be more attentive and caring to our dearest people as sometimes we might hurt them or even break their life with one ill-considered action!

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