Widow's Blessing: Woman Discovers A Forgotten Safety Deposit Box Of Her Late Husband After 18 Years

November 27, 2019 09:37

Safe-deposit boxes are remnants of old days when documents couldn't be registered electronically. People were unable to invest in stocks and only relied on profiting off physical assets rather than intangible ones.

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Nowadays, banks are eradicating this method of preserving personal holdings. Police raid at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd revealed that many individuals are hiding away big chunks of wealth to avoid taxes. There is also a risk of giving criminals a mute getaway. In vaults below ordinary streets are columns of locked containers loaded with secrets and treasure.

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A blessing dropped in a widow's lap

A widow named Carole-Anne Wapen narrated her miraculous story to CBC News. She thought it's a scam when she was informed that her late husband had left behind an unclaimed safety deposit box with contents valued at nearly $15,000. It was forgotten for 18 years before the Revenue Quebec contacted her.

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The company tracked her down with an old address and gave her the surprising news. Carole-Anna was just over the moon! She was planning a vacation with her family to enjoy the fortunate windfall. The widow thanked her late husband and said:

Really, it was like a little gift flying down from the sky.

People had comical responses


If it happened in my country, I bet the bank won't bother to track down the owner's family and keep the unclaimed safety deposit box for themselves....

@Mike Miller:

Bet husband hid money from his wife 😂

@paul clark:

It's so easy to track down spouses and children these days its laughable. Every bank knows everything humanly possible about its clients due to background and credit checks. For them to say they find owners is nonsense and a revenue stream they dont want to give by making others aware.

@christopher hennessey:

That was nice to hear.A shame the bank didn’t have the decency the full amt of the money.

CBC News contributor Leah Henry shares that more than 500 safety deposit boxes are left ignored by their owners. Are you counting on one too? Dig deep to discover if any of your close relatives did the same.

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