Hidden Romance: Black Priest And White Nun Kept Relations In Secret And Even Had A Child In The 50s

November 22, 2019

The Roman Catholic Church is known for having strict rules for those who want to become priests. One of the biggest rules is that married men are not allowed to enter the priesthood as celibacy is an important tradition.

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But when love comes to play, even the most rigid rules won’t stand a chance.

Forbidden love

A black priest and white nun lived together for years, hiding their love from everyone. In the 1950s, Father William Grau became the first black priest for the Diocese of Buffalo in New York.

He was extremely proud of his accomplishment but it didn’t matter when he met Sophie Legocki, a white nursery teacher and a nun.They met at a church and fell madly in love.

But their romance was strictly forbidden so the couple kept their relationship in secret. Father William and Sophie welcomed a child but not a single soul knew about it until now.

The couple’s son Joe Steele shared with PEOPLE:

Sophie loved my father. She just loved the man. Once she told me about him being a priest, her being a nun and also him being Black and she being white, those two reasons separately and jointly made it clear that they weren’t in a position to keep me. That’s why I was put up for adoption.

The pair knew that the racist and religious boundaries of that time will break them apart so they had to hide their love from the public. Sophie’s co-worker, Lisa Gentry, revealed their love story in a new book titled Forbidden Love.

Gentry writes that Legocki left the order to move with the man she loved but they told everyone she’s his housekeeper. They never married and gave away their only child for adoption.

They lived as man and wife for 9 years before Grau passed away. Joe found out about his birth parents later in life, after trying to piece the details about his birth together. He often visited Sophie and remained really close to her until she left this world in 2007.

People react to the story

Even though both of Joe’s parents are not alive anymore, their incredible love story will be forever remembered.

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