Woman's Mother-In-Law Cancels Gynecologist Appointment Only Because Doctor Is A Man: "She Was Like, 'See How Smart I Am!"

November 27, 2019 18:30

One of the most frustrating situations many people face is having controlling in-laws. While the important thing is to create boundaries, some in-laws don't care about respecting them even when it comes to a person's private life.

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Choosing a gynecologist is an important and personal decision. You have to find someone you're comfortable with. It is assumed that women prefer female doctors but this isn't always the case. Some people would rather have a male one and as long as they are comfortable with their choice, they shouldn't be judged.

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However, one mother-in-law believes her son's spouse has no business going to see a male gynecologist.

A frustrated woman

One Reddit user had no choice but to take her problems to the internet after her mother-in-law canceled her gynecologist appointment without her permission.

The poster wrote that her spouse's mother was so "old-fashioned" that she didn't understand why any man would choose to be a gynecologist if he wasn't a "pervert."


The poster said:

She has tried to set me up with her female gynecologist to what I was very firm– absolutely not.

She was, however, shocked when she arrived for an appointment at the clinic only to be told that it was canceled. This was odd because she had set up the appointment months prior.

They explained to me that I called yesterday and canceled my appointment.I was like – what?

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The woman eventually discovered that her mother-in-law had called the doctor's office, pretending to be her, and canceled the appointment. The poster said she confronted her mother-in-law who gave an annoying response.

She was like, 'see how smart I am! You have no business going to that lewd, pervert man. We, women, need to see women doctors unless (our) purpose for going isn’t really a medical one.

The woman lamented the fact that she now had to wait a couple more months to see her doctor because he had many patients.

Internet feedback

Many users gave some advice to the poster and also lashed out at the mother-in-law.


Your MIL is not old fashioned. She is an old moron. My grandmother is also old fashioned and she prefers male doctors. Tell the doctor's office what happened and have your account password protected. Then stop telling your MIL about your doctor's appointments.

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Shes not old fashioned, she wants you at HER doctor so she can fish for information about your health/pregnancy/issues/whatever.


Don't tell her about the new appointment. Or any appointment ever again.


That’s incredibly unethical and illegal. I’d be talking boundaries with hubby and her, or lawsuits if they can’t accept that.

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What your mil did is awful. It’s uncomfortable enough to go for exams, now she wants you to be more uncomfortable by going to a person you don’t trust.


What your MIL did was awful, I’m so sorry. Go Low contact, tell your husband. Don’t talk to MIL. Especially about this sort of thing, because now you can’t trust her.

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People generally agreed that this woman's actions were over the line and advised her to find a way to keep her gynecology visits a secret.

It's quite insane for someone to insist you have to see a doctor of their own choosing or make you feel bad about your choice based on some odd gender discriminative theory. At times like this, though, it's important to put your foot down and stick with what makes you comfortable.

When it comes to health matters, especially, you must always choose what feels right to you and that isn't anyone else's business.