Dad-To-Be Discovers His Pregnant Wife Is His Half-Sister: "Our Feelings For Each Other Have Not Changed"

November 11, 2019 17:00

Most people will find the idea of having a romantic relationship with a relative to be disturbing. But this situation like this isn't limited to personal feelings.

Children who are born to parents that are blood relatives have a higher risk of diseases, birth defects, infant mortality, and a shorter life expectancy. In some cases, the babies don't even survive at all.

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Based on these risks, one can understand why a dad-to-be was extremely worried after finding out he was related to his pregnant wife.

Reddit story: a man finds out his pregnant wife is his sister

A 24-year-old Reddit user shared a story on the platform about finding out his 25-year-old wife was actually his sister.

The man said he and his wife had been together for eight years and they were excited to welcome their first baby. Neither of them knew much about their biological fathers and they had very little to do with them growing up.

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According to the dad-to-be, his biological father left him and his mother many years ago and he also walked out on his wife and her mother too. Neither of the couple's mothers named the bio father in the birth certificates.

The poster said he eventually found out the truth from his mother-in-law after she told him the name of her daughter's biological father. It didn't take long for the dad-to-be to put two and two together to realize that the same man fathered both him and his wife.

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To be sure, the couple had a private DNA test done and the results confirmed they were half-siblings. He wrote:

Despite this, our feelings for each other have not changed and we do not want to split.

However, one main source of worry was the health of their unborn child. The dad-to-be was concerned about the health risks of having a baby with a sibling and neither of them wanted to have an abortion.

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He shared his story in order to seek advice from other people.

Advice for the couple

Following this post, some commenters offered the man some advice. @1chippychopper724 said:

Please see a genetic counselor, they have seen and dealt with this situation many times before and can provide advice and guidance without judgment.

@purple-is-a-fruit-217 advised the couple to keep this to themselves.

Bury it. If it ever comes out, you didn't know. The odds of your baby having problems are probably a little higher than normal, but more than likely it will be fine. Have your baby. Love your wife. Live your life. Sometimes this world is weird.

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@1taco_father530 agreed with the above advice:

I mean marriage to close family members is generally banned because of the high likelihood of genetic defects. You can run all the tests in the world but this isn't the fault of either one of you. You were just two people who fell in love. I mean I say just bury it and not tell anyone about this.......However, I would strongly discourage you two from having more children together. Even if this baby comes out healthy don't risk it. Just adopt a child or pursue another route if you both choose to.

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@1Grumpy_Troll176 felt the couple shouldn't tell anyone too.

I agree with everything you've said.If you both still love each other, stay together.If you want to keep the child, keep the child.Try not to have any other children.Don't tell anyone about this.

What a strange story! Can you imagine that the couple didn't know that they have the same father? What advice can you give this dad-to-be?