Family Of Seven Spent 9 Years In A Hidden Basement Preparing For 'The End Of Time': "That’s So Incredibly Sad"

November 27, 2019 14:56

There have been many reports about the end of the world throughout the years. For example, a recent report suggests 'high likelihood of human civilization coming to end'.

Many people don’t believe in such a thing but there are some who isolate themselves to prepare for the apocalypse.

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Some people, dubbed as uncontacted people, live without any contact with others waiting for the end of times. It can happen by choice, but there are also those who have been tricked into thinking that they are the only living beings on the planet.

The Dutch family was waiting for the end of the world

Dutch police were called up after a bar owner was asked for help by a man, who claimed he and his siblings were kept in a farmhouse basement, waiting for the end of the world.

Later, the police discovered a 58-year-old man who was living with six siblings, aged 18 to 25, on a farm. It is unclear how the children were related to the man. They allegedly spent 9 years living in the basement.

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The eldest sibling managed to escape and ran to ask for help. The bar’s owner commented:

He said he had brothers and sisters who lived at the farm. He said he was the oldest and wanted to end the way they were living.

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According to Dutch media, none of the family members had any contact with the outside world and the neighbors were certain that the man lived on the farm alone. It was said that the children didn’t even know that other people exist in the world.

People’s reactions

Social media users were shocked after authorities found a man and six family members in the basement. Here are some comments.

@Sherrie Allen:

The siblings will have difficulty dealing with their transition from their former life. Perhaps the American sibling family, The Turpins, could reach out. Often the best recovery comes from sharing coping mechanisms learned by experience.

@Marc Manley:

Spending a life hidden in a basement, waiting for the end, instead of just living life. That’s so incredibly sad.

@Mondli Shange Mzulwini:

Sad story but a lot of people would enjoy this life. No humans, great life.

@FL Porter:

I say leave those folks alone........If there was no criminal activities or abuse I don't see what the problem is. Not everyone on earth wants to live in what we so called "Sociability".

@Reggie Wallace:

That's worse then being in solitary confinement! Plus, they won't know how to adapt to the outside world is the bad thing.

Dutch Mayor commented on the crazy story saying he has never seen anything like that. He assured that the family is in ‘a safe place’ now.

What a weird story! Do you agree? We hope they will be able to adapt to today's world. And what do you think? Share your thoughts in comments.

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