5 Simple Yet Wonderful Homemade Scrubs For Body, Face And Lips To Easily DIY With Kitchen Ingredients

November 8, 2019 16:10

Homemade scrubs can be a magnificent way to keep your skin looking glowing, young and healthy.

Scrubs not only exfoliate your skin, but they also nourish and tighten it. There are many various store-bought scrubs to choose from, but you have another amazing option. You can make completely natural homemade scrubs using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

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5 incredible DIY scrubs to make at home

1. Banana and sugar scrub


Bananas are rich in antioxidants that make them an excellent ingredient for homemade scrubs. If you want to make a banana scrub, mash the browning banana, then add sugar and 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply gently with circular motions and enjoy the delicate fragrance.

2. Honey and oatmeal scrub

Oatmeal is another great ingredient for DIY scrubs. Run oatmeal through the blender to break it up. Mix oatmeal with honey, aloe vera and stir to combine. Then add 3-5 drops of tea tree essential oil. Then gently rub into your skin with circular motions.

3. Coffee scrub

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Coffee grounds feel gentle on the skin, at the same time they are still effective at exfoliating. Add coffee grounds and coconut oil to a mixing bowl, then mix thoroughly. You have the all-natural scrub with a wonderful fragrance.

4. Sea salt scrub

Adding sea salt can help to remove dead skin cells effectively, but be careful this ingredient can be too harsh for sensitive skin. Mix sea salt and olive oil in a small bowl. Use gently and don’t forget to rinse your skin off to prevent irritation.

5. Sugar and honey scrub

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There are many amazing health benefits of honey, including improving skin conditions. Honey can be combined with sugar and oil to make nourishing scrub for your face and lips. Mix sugar, honey, olive oil and that’s all! After using the scrub, rinse off your face and lips thoroughly to prevent stickiness.

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Homemade scrubs are quick and easy to make and there is another incredible benefit: they are natural! DIY exfoliants are great when you need to soften and nourish your skin.

But always remember to be gentle using scrubs and if you have sensitive skin, be extremely careful and consult with a dermatologist. Make sure you’re not allergic to the ingredients you use to make these effective homemade scrubs.

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