5 Simple Household Hacks For A Well-Organized And Clean Home

November 24, 2019 12:03

Are you looking to get your home clean and organized for good? Having a well-organized home is much easier with our creative tips and tricks. Here is the list of simple and budget household hacks to save your time and money.

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We have cool ideas for the tidiest home ever: smart storage solutions, DIY crafts and top organizing tips for every room in the house.

5 easy and budget hacks for a well-organized home

1. Grocery bags

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Do you like grocery shopping? And have you ever had a heavy load of groceries that make a rip in your bag? We have a solution to this problem. Just find a good piece of plywood and cut it to get a new base for your reusable grocery bag. Remove the plastic insert from your grocery bag and replace it with the new one, made from plywood.

2. Box bag dispenser

It can be difficult to organize all those plastic bags you have in your home. Here is an amazing idea. First of all, straighten them out, then stack them into a pile. The next step is simple: place the pile in a plastic box. Cut a hole in the box to pull out just one bag at a time when you need it.

3. Cleaning supplies

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Most of us store cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. However, it can be hard to keep bottles from falling over and making a mess. We have a simple trick: just hang your cleaning supplies from a short tension rod inside your cabinet to keep them upright.

4. Use folders in your kitchen

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We usually use file folders for papers, but they can be useful in your kitchen too. Just fill them up with the stuff that is stored under the kitchen sink. Place your cleaning supplies into file folders, putting the most frequently used bottles towards the front.

5. Use six-pack box

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Bottles especially small ones in the refrigerator door tend to tip over after opening the door. Luckily, we have a great trick to organize them. You will need just a recycling six-pack box. This organization idea is also good for transporting your condiments for a picnic!

By using these simple life hacks, you can make your daily life much easier. And what do you do to keep your home well-organized?

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