Girl DIY Hacks: 7 Brilliant Beauty Tips For Glowing And Flawless Skin

November 26, 2019 16:03

Check out these incredible beauty hacks to get the makeup you always dreamt of. We are sharing our smart DIY ideas for your luminous and perfect skin right here. Moreover, we love all-natural and DIY beauty products that are cheap and easy to make.

7 beauty tips for perfect looks

1. Use deodorant on your nose

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If the sun annoys you and it’s getting hot out, use deodorant to the bridge of your nose. This simple tip will help you keep your nose from getting shiny. Apply clear deodorant to get an invisible effect.

2. Melt a pencil liner

Creamy makeup products work better when they’re warmed up. If your eyeliner skips on your eyelid or you have to use multiple layers for a decent color payoff, we have the solution. Just melt it down slightly before using it. You can hold the tip of your liner under the flame of a lighter for a second. Remember to let it cool slightly before applying (swatch the eyeliner on your hand to make sure it’s not too hot). The result will amaze you.

3. White eyeliner for stunning eye makeup

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If you want to make a less pigmented eyeshadow more intense on your eyelid, use a white eyeliner pencil. Blend it over the whole eyelid first. Then, apply your eyeshadow on top. The layer of the white liner will intensify any eyeshadow color. As a result, your eyes look incredible.

4. Spoon for makeup

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Nothing is more irritating than making your eyeshadow look ideal, and then ruining the whole eye makeup with smudges after applying mascara. The solution? Use a spoon to cover your eyelid, then apply your mascara like you usually do. The spoon will protect your eyeshadow look. This is a brilliant beauty hack, isn't it?

5. Create an amazing lip color

If you want your lip color to last for hours, we have a wonderful beauty hack. Swipe on your shade, lay a tissue over your lips, and then use a translucent powder over the top to prevent the color from bleeding. The process may seem difficult, but it isn't when you try. The result is 100-percent worth it.

6. Cover dark circles under your eyes with a triangle shape

We all want to look fresh, but it can be hard after sleepless nights. If you want to brighten your under-eye area, use your concealer in a triangular shape. Just draw the triangle directly under your lash line and apply the concealer toward the apple of your cheek. This simple trick helps to cover redness and shadows under the eyes.

7. Have a relaxing spa moment

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Here is another great tip for a fresh look. Staring at screens for hours can make your eyes look puffy and irritated. Use a simple and all-natural remedy to fix the problem.

Tea bags can work as a soothing, de-puffing treatment! Just dip two bags of tea into a cup of hot water for several minutes. Then remove the bags and refrigerate them. Put cold tea bags to your eyes and rest for 15 minutes. Your eyes will thank you for this treatment.

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