3 Effective And Money-Saving DIY Fixes To Repair Broken Makeup

November 28, 2019 16:01

Have you ever dropped any of your makeup? If yes, you know that terrible moment right after your favorite bronzer or eyeshadow hit the floor. Maybe have you ever broken your lipstick? We feel your pain.

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Here is a super quick cosmetics tutorial on how to fix any of your broken makeup.

3 brilliant DIY makeup ideas to save time and money

1. Cracked eyeshadow

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If you dropped eyeshadow, there are effective ways to save it. However, you will need is a little isopropyl alcohol.
First of all, you need to gather all the broken pieces of powder and place them back in the pan. Smash the eyeshadow to create a loose-powder consistency.

Then add several drops of alcohol as the powder should have a malleable texture. Then, apply a mini spatula to smooth it back into the pan. Wait until it dries and the result will impress you! Your eyeshadow will be as good as a new one.

2. Dried up mascara

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Your mascara can dry up quickly. In any case, you can’t be wearing clumpy mascara that will make you look like a raccoon at the end of the day.

We know how to fix this problem. Place the mascara in a bowl with hot water. Then let it sit for15 minutes. Take your mascara out and roll between your palms. That's all, now you have clump-free mascara.

3. Broken lipstick

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It is always sad when you break your favorite lipstick. However, it can be fixed easily. First of all, remove the pieces from the tube, and put them in the freezer for 15minutes.

Then take the lipstick out of your freezer and prepare your lighter. Heat the broken edge of the lipstick for several seconds. Then quickly reattach the broken piece to the lipstick tube. Place the lipstick back in the freezer to solidify it. That's all, your redesigned lipstick is ready.

These tips and tricks will help you to save your broken makeup. Do you like them? Share your DIY beauty ideas in comments!

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