4 Smart DIY Hacks To Give Old Shoes A Second Life

December 4, 2019 16:09

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes, that look terrible but you still love them? Your favorite footwear can be revived at ease. Give a new life to your old shoes with our amazing shoe hacks.

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We love clean clothes and good-looking shoes, so today Fabiosa presents creative life hacks for your footwear. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to clean your shoes in no time. Check out these useful tips and tricks that can add life to your favorite pair of kicks.

4 smart DIY hacks for shoes

1. How to save squealing shoes

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Squeaky shoes can be a problem as you can hear them from miles away. Happily, there’s a simple fix for noisy and squeaky shoes. Baby powder can help. Just put a bit of baby powder underneath your inner shoe sole. It is good for better cohesion between both parts of the shoe. As a result, your shoes are less squealing.

2. How to get rid of stinky shoes

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Stinky shoes can lead to embarrassment, but we have a great solution. Teabags are ready to help. Put unused tea bags in your smelly shoes, as they’re good at absorbing unpleasant scents. The result will impress you.

3. Give your shoes a new life with patches

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Of course, shoes eventually wear out. Heel linings are usually one of the things that wear out first. If your heel linings need repair, we have a quick solution. Patch some material over it to fix the problem. Nobody will be able to notice the difference.

4. How to clean shoes with toothpaste

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Bonus tip: simple toothpaste is good at returning whiteness to soles of sneakers. Apply toothpaste to an old toothbrush and then clean the dirty spots. Leave the mixture on the shoes for 15 minutes. Wipe the toothpaste off with a towel. Your sneakers look great!

Also, you can add creativity to your boring shoes with easy-to-make decorations. Do you like our tips? Share your favorite shoe tips and tricks in comments.

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