Beauty Tips And Tricks: 3 Easy DIY Facial Mask Recipes To Try At Home

December 1, 2019 12:01

Are you looking for beauty hacks? Learn how to make homemade face masks for your skin type. From pimples to irritated skin, here is a look at smart DIY recipes to fix the most common skin problems and get perfect skin.

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Fabiosa presents homemade face masks that are inexpensive, effective and nourishing. You can make your own DIY face mask with natural ingredients found in your kitchen. Cucumbers soothe irritation and ease pain. Aloe vera rejuvenates your skin and rice flour can be used as a gentle exfoliator. Our beauty tips and tricks will save your money and time.

3 DIY facial masks for perfect skin

1.Tomato face mask

Tomatoes contain many vitamins and minerals, that are beneficial for your health and well-being. All of these nutrients help keep the skin toned and nourished.

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It is quite easy to make a DIY tomato mask. Just blend a tomato into a puree, using a blender. Mix the tomato mass with 1/2-teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Then find a clean makeup brush, and apply the mask all over your face. Relax for 15 minutes, then wash the mixture off. Your skin is glowing.

2.Cucumber face mask

Cucumbers are loaded with beneficial antioxidants and nutrients. Moreover, they have anti-inflammatory properties.

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To make the homemade mask from cucumbers, purée one cucumber in a blender. Put the mixture into a small bowl. Then add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Mix well and apply the mask to your face and neck. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then wash off. Your skin is nourished.

3. Aloe vera mask

Aloe vera contains skin-revitalizing ingredients to soothe and heal the skin, so this DIY aloe vera mask is a great choice for every woman.

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First of all, slice the aloe leaf open and use a spoon to scrape the gel from the inside. Mix the aloe together with honey in a small bowl. Then gently apply the mixture to the entire face, neck and if you like, chest area.

Relax for 10-15 minutes, allowing the mask to revitalize your skin. Rinse off with warm water. Your skin looks amazing.

Do you like homemade facial masks? What are your favorite ones? Share your experience in comments.

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