3 Smart Hacks To Keep Food Fresh For Longer

December 15, 2019

Do your bananas go brown too fast? Or do you want to prevent your bread from molding? Want to find out how to make your food last longer? Storing food properly will help you save your money and avoid waste. Here are some simple food tricks and cooking tips that will help you store your food at ease. Keep your food fresh longer with these useful food hacks.

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3 cool hacks to keep food fresh for longer

1. Keep your herbs fresh


It easy to keep herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley fresh with one simple trick. Just treat them like a bouquet of flowers. Place the bunch in a glass of water. Don't forget to change the water every day. In addition, cover your herbs with a plastic ziplock bag to keep in moisture.

2. Always fresh strawberries


Berries taste wonderful, but it is so difficult to keep them fresh. To prevent berries from molding, wash them in a mixture of three cups water and one cup vinegar. The method will increase their shelf life. This trick works great because vinegar is a natural mold killer. But remember to wash before you eat.

3. Make your bananas last longer

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Bananas are packed with nutrients that have numerous health benefits. If you want your bananas last longer, cover the crown of a banana in plastic wrap. The stem of a banana produces ethylene gas that makes the fruit ripen faster.

It is easy to keep your food fresh with our tips and tricks. Do you like our food hacks? Share them with your friends and family!

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