Kitchen Hacks: 5 Easy Tips And Tricks To Make Cooking Easier

November 29, 2019 16:05

Learn how to become a better cook with our top kitchen hacks. Check out our easy food recipes and hacks on how to achieve the best flavors, save time and impress your family. Bring your cooking skills to the next level with our cooking tips and food recipes.

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5 simple kitchen tips and tricks

1. Save potatoes

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Potatoes turn black or brown after cutting but the browning reaction can be prevented with one simple tip. Cover diced potatoes with cold water before cooking. This easy trick keeps your potatoes perfectly white.

2. Give bananas a new life

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Here is an effective lifehack that can keep your bananas fresh. Just wrap the end of the bunch with plastic wrap. You may even separate each banana. The plastic wrap prevents ethylene gases from releasing out of the stem and this, in turn, helps your bananas not to ripe too fast.

3. Scoop out squash seeds at ease


Removing seeds from vegetables such as squash and pumpkin can be difficult. However, we can fix this problem in no time. Just use an ice cream scoop. The edge of the scoop is sharp, so it cuts through the stuff inside the vegetable much easier. The ice cream scoop works like magic and it is much more effective than your hand or a regular spoon.

4. Peel ginger with a spoon

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Another lifehack with a spoon. Use a regular spoon to peel that papery skin from ginger.

5. Get more juice from citrus fruits

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Here is a super-simple trick for citrus fruits. To get the most juice out of lemons and oranges, refrigerate them. Then microwave the fruits for 15 to 20 seconds.

Bonus kitchen hack: Roll citrus fruits before squeezing for more juice.

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