Alison Brie And Dave Franco's Private Marriage: A Timeline Of Their Under-The-Radar Relationship

January 10, 2020

Finding the perfect one is a big deal, even if you are a handsome man and Hollywood star like Dave Franco. However, now he is happily married to Alison Brie. They have been together for many years, but their love is still strong and fresh. The duo is one of Hollywood's most under-the-radar couples. What is the secret of their long-lasting relationship? Let's find out.

The popular actress, known for her work in 'Mad Men,' 'Community,' and 'Glow,' met actor Dave Franco, who is known for his work in 'The Disaster Artist,' 'Neighbors,' and '21 Jump Street' almost nine years ago, but their story didn't look like love at first sight.

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The duo met for the first time in 2011 after being introduced by a friend during Mardi Gras. Today, they are married and working on movies together. Although they tried to keep their relationship under wraps until they were engaged, there are several times they have been seen om public over the years. Here are some details of their touching love story.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco's love story

Their wonderful love story began in March 2011, when Alison Brie and Dave Franco were introduced by mutual friends. Alison and Dave were both in New Orleans, Louisiana celebrating Mardi Gras. Their relationship started as an ordinary friendship however Alison once told in an interview that things got quite serious about one year into their relationship.

Talking to Seth Meyers, the actress shared a hilarious story about how she threw her husband-to-be a surprise birthday party at the beginning of their relationship. She recalled:

We had known each other for three or four months and then it was his birthday and I wanted to do something special for him.

The problem was that she didn't know much about him at that time. As it turned out, it was a huge shock for Dave as "he hates surprises or attention of any kind."

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Franco later commented on this story, talking to Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show.' He jokingly said:

Alison and I still talk about how if we could survive my surprise party, we can survive anything.

The couple kept their relationship very private, however, in May 2012, the duo was noticed holding hands while grocery shopping. Following the release of the picture, rumors began surfacing that Dave and Alison were officially a couple.

After three years of dating, the duo got engaged, but they continued to hide their relationship from public view. Luckily, Dave's brother James Franco confirmed the engagement on Instagram, writing: "Congrats Davy and Allison!!! Engaged!!! I WUUUUUUV YOU ❤."

Talking to Larry King, Brie said that the proposal was a complete surprise for her. Without any warning, Dave got down on one knee and the actress said she was so surprised that she began laughing immediately. Brie added that she even "asked him a number of times if he was being serious before saying yes."

Though Brie and Franco have already been together for many years, they seldom appear together on big official events. For the first time, they appeared together on the red carpet in September 2015. The duo posed for pictures at an event for Brie's film, 'Sleeping with Other People.' The Glow star was spotted wearing a stunning engagement ring.

In 2016, talking to Yahoo Style Alison said that having a wedding wasn't something she was always interested in. The actress insisted that she was "not very bridal" and added that her approach to her wedding with Dave was much more relaxed.

It seemed that wedding planning wasn't a big deal for this extraordinary couple. In an interview with E!, when asked how planning was going, the actress simply said that she and Dave would "figure it out."

In March 2017, Dave Franco and Alison Brie got married according to reports. And once again, they worked hard to keep their life private. The couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony, which Dave described to Entertainment Tonight as being "intimate" and "really fun."

Alison and Dave not only live together. They work together too. In 2017, Franco and Brie were involved in the work on a film called 'The Little Hours.' In the movie, Alison plays one of three nuns and Dave plays a guy who visits the convent.

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Alison Brie and Dave Franco are choosing not to have children

What kind of marriage Alison Brie and Dave Franco have? Are they satisfied with their relationship? Describing her marriage to Franco, Brie said that it is "super-mellow." She added:

We spend time together at night. We just like to hang out. Having a really supportive partner in my life and knowing that he loves me no matter what. I’ve found my person.

And what about kids? Are Dave and Alison going to create their little copies? As it turns out, they aren't going to have kids.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Alison Brie said they don't really want to have children. She joked that their two cats, Harry and Arturo are like their children and they're already such a "handful" on their own. The actress explained their decision, saying:

They're our children... I don't really want to have kids, It's great because I don't worry about when should I get pregnant — between seasons, while we're shooting the show — I don't think about it every day.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco look so happy together and it seems these two have a very, very close bond. They're into each other and only each other. What can be better? Isn't is a real love we all dream of?