What Is Ryan Reynolds' Net Worth? How The 'Deadpool 2' Star Makes Money

December 26, 2019 21:59

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has had a career spanning more than two decades, earning him a lot of money as well as numerous awards. What is Ryan Reynolds' net worth? Here is what we know about his acting career and net worth.

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Ryan Reynolds' acting history

Ryan Reynolds' acting career started in his childhood. When Ryan Reynolds was a teen, he appeared on the Nickelodeon show Fifteen. It was his first appearance on the screen. The teen played one of the main characters and his role earned him money too. According to the actor, he received $150 per episode at this job. Ryan recalled:

For me, I thought I was, like, a gajillionaire. For $150 a day, it was like a dream come true.

When the show ended in 1993, Reynolds decided to continue his acting career. At that time, he played several minor roles movies and shows. The list of his roles included short works on The Marshal, The X Files, and The John Larroquette Show.

Despite his resume and hard work for many years, Reynolds did not rise to stardom until the late 1990s and 2000s. In 1998, he starred in the hit ABC sitcom Two Guys and a Girl and this role made him popular. Finally, in 2002, Ryan became even more famous after the release of the film Van Wilder, which became a classic comedy.

Then Reynolds continued to snag the leading role in numerous Hollywood films: he always looked wonderful in the films in the romantic comedy genre, such as The Proposal, Definitely, Maybe and Just Friends.

In 2011, the famous actor played a role in Green Lantern based on the DC Comics universe. This role was especially important for Ryan. He not only become met his sweetheart Blake Lively on the set but went on to receive several nominations before earning a People’s Choice Award.

By 2016, Ryan Reynolds had already built his reputation in Hollywood. Moreover, he became even more famous with the release of Deadpool. Reynolds played the lead role in the film and also took part in producing of the movie. It is interesting to know that many years ago, the actor played the same character as a minor role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He wrote all of his lines himself.

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The success of Deadpool literally changed Ryan Reynolds' life. The film made more than $700 million worldwide and Reynolds gained a lot of awards for his work. Deadpool 2 was released in 2018 and it replicated the success of the first movie. Reynolds once again had a hand not only in starring, but also in producing, and writing. Deadpool 2 ranked in yet another $700 million from cinemas around the world.

How much did Ryan Reynolds make for Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds' salary for Deadpool was about $2 million. His payday conclusively increased nearly 10-fold thanks to a lucrative share of the backend points. The first Deadpool cost just $58 million to produce but earned about $780 million. Ryan Reynolds received approximately $22 million, that made him one of the best-paid actors in the world for that year.

His salary for Deadpool 2 was about $20 million, but we don't know exactly. With backend points, his profits for the second movie, which collected $785 million worldwide, might be $30-40 million.

What is Ryan Reynolds’ net worth?

Do you remember that Ryan Reynolds’ first salary was $150 a day? Now the famous actor earns much more. Today Ryan Reynolds' net worth is estimated at $75 million. In 2017, even before the release of Deadpool, he earned $21.5 million. In the same year, the famous actor was on Forbes’ list of highest-paid actors worldwide.

Ryan makes his money not only by acting. Reynolds also gets income from Aviation American Gin, a well-known brand that he bought stake. Moreover, he has been the ambassador for Swiss watch company Piaget since 2016 and this has definitely made him some money.

Ryan Reynolds is married and he and Blake Lively are one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. The A Simple Favor and Deadpool stars have both done well and made a lot of money. However, their incomes aren’t equal. Blake Lively has a net worth of just $16 million.

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Ryan Reynolds knows how to spend his money. The duo bought a luxurious $2.35 million, 4,753-square-foot mansion in Pound Ridge, New York. The estate has 1.8 acres of land with beautiful gardens and a brick wall to avoid the paparazzi. The mansion seems to be a country estate but the first impressions can be deceptive. The home has various luxury features to add to its charm. There are wonderful french doors, a stone terrace, and two private dressing rooms in the house.

Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and he deserves all his money. Do you agree?