3 Plant Hacks That Can Turn Home Into A Greenhouse At Ease

January 12, 2020

Are you a new plant parent and looking for a simple guide on how to grow and care for plants? You have come to the right place. Growing can be hard sometimes, that’s why we have rounded up some plant tips and tricks that will help your indoor and outdoor garden grow. Whether you have only one plant in your apartment or a jungle’s worth, gardening can be much easier.


Today, we have collected some uncommon gardening ideas and plant hacks that will help you grow your own garden. Our video tutorial on how to grow indoor and outdoor plants will be helpful even for beginners. Use these gardening ideas to make planting quicker and easier and to be sure your plants are healthy and happy. These plant hacks will definitely add life to your home!

3 claver plant hacks

1. Use coffee grounds to fertilize your plants

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Did you know that your leftover coffee grounds can be useful for your plants? Surprising, but coffee can increase soil's acidity, and coffee grounds may also protect your plants against those pesky pests and bugs. Use coffee grounds as an all-natural fertilizer. However, be careful: avoid adding your coffee every morning, use it from time to time. Too much coffee can throw your plants' pH out of wack.

2. Choose the right soil

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Well, this may sound obvious, but different types of plants need different types of soil. Be sure you've got the right type for your plants, especially when we are talking about cacti and succulents. These little green friends require special care and soil.

3. Use vinegar to get rid of weeds

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If you want to get rid of weeds naturally, we have an effective solution and what is great, you can find it in your kitchen. We are talking about vinegar. If you want to get rid of those pesky plants in your garden that appear and appear, try vinegar.

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