How To Make A Poinsettia Bloom Again For Christmas: 3 Plant Care Tips And Tricks

December 24, 2019 16:05

Want to make your poinsettia plant bloom for Christmas? With proper care, you can grow poinsettias as houseplants year-round, and you can get it to bloom again with easy plant care hacks. Poinsettias require specific light conditions to allow your plants to make flowers and our life hacks for plants will help you get the best results.

Poinsettia plant care has never been so easy! You will find useful tips for choosing a plant and optimal growing conditions for poinsettias. Give your home a fresh feel with beautiful poinsettia plants.

Many people want to know what makes poinsettias turn red. It is actually the plant’s leaves that change its color.

3 plant care tips and tricks to make your poinsettia red again

1. Eliminate light

If you want to get a poinsettia plant to turn red, eliminate light. It turns out, periods of darkness are necessary for flowering. Poinsettias require as much light as possible during the day. However, then the plants must not receive light for 12 hours. So you may place your poinsettias in a dark room or cover them.

2. Temperature

Poinsettias are warm-climate plants. The just love warm temperatures and remember that these plants are sensitive to cold. Keep your poinsettias in a place that stays between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Water

Poinsettias like to be slightly on the dry side, so don't overwater them. Don't use fertilizers when the plant is flowering. After your poinsettias have finished flowering, use a well-balanced fertilizer once a week.

And once again: if you want to make your poinsettia flower for Christmas, the plant should be kept in darkness for 12 hours every night during October, November and early December.

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