3 DIY Ways To Upgrade Old Boring Clothes In 10 Minutes

December 21, 2019

Feeling old fashioned? Upgrade your style and learn how to improve your clothes with these simple DIY tips and tricks. You can breathe new life into your old jeans and hoddies, moreover, it is easier than you think. Ready for your next fashion journey with our DIY clothing hacks? We know how to refashion your old boring clothes just in 10 minutes.

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If you want to know, how to upgrade old clothes, you have come to the right place. We have cool clothes ideas to revamp your wardrobe. Check out easy ways to turn old clothes into something you'll love again. You will find fashion hacks to reuse the stuff you have already got.

3 fashion ideas for old boring clothes

1. Details on coats

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Coats are an important part of our winter wardrobes, so it's so frustrating when a well-loved coat begins looking a little dated or dull. To upgrade your old coat, try altering a few details to give it a new life. Transform your old clothes by cropping, adding new buttons or shortening sleeves. For example, you may crop the sleeves of your coat to a three-quarters length and buy to-the-elbow gloves. The outcome? Something completely new.

2. Transform your old dress into a new skirt

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Sometimes your favorite dress looks boring because you've already styled it every way possible or it no longer fits you properly. An easy fix for that is to transform it into a skirt. You will need a new elastic waistband or a zipper. If you don't want to spend your time, layering can also help. Pop a sweater or top over your dress to turn it into a skirt.

3. Transform your pants

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Do you have a pair of jeans that would look super cool if only they didn't have long, baggy hems? The fix to your problem is simple: do the instant hem by rolling up your trousers in a manner that seems like an afterthought. However, the possibilities are endless. You can transform long pants into shorts or cut jeans above the ankles introducing a new style to the wardrobe.

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