Daily Lifehacks: 3 Things People Are Doing Wrong The Whole Life

January 13, 2020 16:04

Life is the best teacher, but sometimes we have learned the wrong things as accepted practice. You didn’t know that you were going through life making it much harder for yourself, but you are! You will be surprised to figure out how many things you are doing completely wrong on a daily basis! You just didn’t know it.

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We know how to make your everyday life much easier. Here are three hacks to fix all things you have been doing wrong your whole life. Upgrade your daily routine with our tips and tricks and the quality of your life will be improved!

3 daily lifehacks to make your life easier

1. The right way to eat pizza

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There are so many ways to eat pizza, but if you want to know to do it correctly, you have come to the right place. According to pizza experts, there is the only right way to eat pizza and here is what you need to do. Just fold the pizza slice into a U shape (it is called the fold hold). This technique will prevent your slice from flopping over. Moreover, it increases the amount of pizza you can eat with one bite. What can be better? Bon appetit!

2. How to slice fresh bread without squashing it

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There is nothing better than eating a fresh loaf of bread still warm from the oven, but how to cut it properly? It can be difficult even for experienced cookers, however, the secret is simple. Just turn a loaf of bread on its side. It is the easiest way to get perfect slices without squashing your bread.

This method requires more coordination and care as you have to hold the bread in place with the hand, but it's not as difficult as it looks. Just give this technique a try and you will be impressed.

3. How to open a soda can without getting splashed

When we open up a can of soda, sometimes it is getting splashed. How to prevent it? The first method is tapping the top of the can. This trick prevents your soda from splashing. However, there are even more effective ways to open a shaken-up soda. A better lifehack is to hit the sides of the can repeatedly to knock down the bubbles. When you open your soda, it shouldn't explode. But even it does, there is the solution. Just put your finger in the foam flow. This method helps the fizz and foam go away.

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