Christmas 2019: 3 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift And Decor Ideas

December 25, 2019

Looking for creative Christmas gift and decor ideas? It is easier than you think to get crafty this Christmas! Here are DIY Christmas gifts and decor ideas your friends and family will love. Our DIY Christmas tricks will make anyone happy and take no time to create them.

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If you want to know how to make amazing DIY Christmas gifts and decor, you have come to the right place. Fabiosa presents a simple and quick video tutorial on how to create homemade decor for Christmas. You will also find unique DIY Christmas gift ideas you can make yourself at ease. From food gifts to DIY crafts, home decor, jewelry, accessories and more. Preparing for Christmas has never been so easy!

3 wonderful DIY Christmas gift and decoration ideas

1. DIY pillow

Looking for something special for your friends and family? Most people will agree that it is great to have their own homemade pillow. Fleece pillows are cozy and easy to create. Actually, they are simple enough that children can make them by themselves. Are you ready to be crafty? Let's start!

You will need a 12″x12″ square pillow, fleece, scissors and measuring tape.

Step 1. Cut two 22″x22″ pieces of fleece. Then, measure 5 inches from the edge on each side. You can use a pen to mark the lines. Use the masking tape to mark the measured line.

Step 2. Measure 1-inch increments on the tape and mark each one clearly. Cut strips from the edge of the fleece.

Step 3. Tie pairs of strips together, starting from the corner. Do this for three sides only.

Step 4.Slide the pillow in the open side and tie off the rest of the strips.

That's all!

2. DIY body butter

If you are a fan of DIY beauty products, try this amazing gift idea. The homemade body butter will be a great gift for your best friend. Buy a batch of your favorite body butter and add a fragrance like mint or lavender (it is better to choose what your friends like). Then, find elegant glass jars and add Christmas decorations.

3. DIY Christmas chandelier

Are you looking for an easy Christmas decoration idea? One incredible way to add a Christmas feel to your home is to DIY your own winter-themed chandelier. Be creative: there are no rules when we are talking about crafting. Hang it above the table and your guests will be impressed.

DIY Christmas gifts and decorations are not only more meaningful but more affordable too. Share your favorite Christmas ideas in comments.

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